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Nursery Alert Alert Your Parents More Efficiently!

With the YouVersion app people are turning tp their mobile devices to rea dtheir bibles especially in church. A phone fits in your pocket much easier then A Big Lettered First King James Bible (or The Message)! So why isn't there an Alert system where parents can get alerts straight to their phones? Insert Nursery Aler! Easily set up your rooms and add kids to them linked with their parents phone number. Then with the tap of a button alert the parent via a text message from the app when they are needed in the room. No more interupting service trying to find a parent or waiting with a screaming child because they never saw the number flash on the 4x4 screen behind the piano.


Nursery Alert Helps Keep The Teachers In The Classroom.

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For just $3.99/per device you can have not just a Nursery Alert System but a Church Alert System! Its as easy as using facebook and it cost significantly less then some of the bigger systems that flash numbers in the middle of service!


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